Sunday, October 16, 2011


Rainforest Animals in their Occupy Rainforest Pre-Planning Meeting last August

The residents of the rainforest showed unprecedented support for the worldwide Occupy movement today in an gathering of all species. From frogs to fireflies and from monkeys to macaws all wanted their voices to be heard and their demands added to the Occupy agenda. The animals' list of desires includes clean air free from chemicals and pollution, clean rivers and lakes to drink from and an immediate moratorium on clear cutting activities around the world. Chants of "WE ARE THE 99%, HUMANS ARE THE 1%" could be heard echoing through the trees.

The gathering was peaceful and calm except for one skirmish between a monkey and a jaguar who apparently had one fermented mango too many and a friendly game of "I'm the King of the Jungle" got out of hand. However the spectators quickly pulled them apart and peace prevailed for the rest of the day.