Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oceans of Inspiration Dolphin and Whale Screensavers, Posters, T-shirts


Dive into the Divine Dolphin's Oceans of Inspiration, Sierra Goodman’s effort of Love with 88 up close and intimate photos of dolphins and whales taken on her tours in Drake Bay, Costa Rica; Bimini, Bahamas and Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. The photos are available as a high quality, high definition screensaver (scroll below for a FREE trial!) and also at our CafePress Store in t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, reusable bags and more!
Along with the photos are Sierra’s inspirational quotes she writes as she “coaches herself and others” along the journey of life. Because of Sierra’s intensely close connection with the dolphins and whales, these photos share intimate eye to eye moments of human/dolphin/whale interaction and have a pure vibration of LOVE. After reading the quote be sure to feel the energy contained in each photo.
Enjoy this sample of the Oceans of Inspiration Photos.
The actual screensaver is much higher resolution and in random order.


After purchase through Paypal, you will immediately be sent an email with a link to download the screensaver and the code which will unlock the trial edition into a full edition. The full show lasts for 44 minutes before repeating (30 seconds each slide) and you can forward to the next photo with the space bar.
At this time we only have a Windows version of the Screensaver, a Mac version is coming soon. However, you can still enjoy our t-shirts, mugs, posters and more at our Divine Dolphin Cafe Press store.


Please Note: Due to the screensaver containing 88 high quality photos, it is a large file and it will take several minutes to download, depending on your internet speed. After purchasing please look for an email with the subject: Digital Delivery from Sierra.
** Want to give the screensaver as a gift? Nothing keeps giving like the gift of inspiration!! ** Purchase however many screensavers you'd like to give. Then send your lucky recipients our sample email with the activation code you will receive which includes a link to a special gift landing page. For the sample gift email to send to your recipients, click here.
If you are not sure if you want to purchase the screensaver, it is offered as a free three day trial. Download the free three day trial by right clicking on the link below and saving it to your desktop. When the file has finished downloading, click on OceansOfInspirationInstall.exe icon from your desktop and the screensaver will install onto your computer. If you are using the trial version, click "Next" when it asks for the code.


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