Saturday, December 31, 2011


The Mayans say 2012 is the year
For what can be based in new beginnings or fear
Some say there’s a big shift, some say it’s the end
Some say apocalypse and others seek to ascend

No matter what you think 2012 will be
It’s time to shine, to be authentic and free
The hibernation is over, let our light be shown
Body, Mind and Spirit, this is the TRI-LIGHT ZONE

The fears coming up have some people frightened
But it’s only what is not of the light coming up to be en-LIGHT-ened
If we embrace all of us, even that which is dark
The LOVE that we are will light off a spark

Let’s let go of the old, the hurt, anger and blame
And get ourselves into living the joyful human game
The higher vibrations are calling us to transform
And live the higher agreements we made before being born

It's time to create and live our passion
2012 is the year of ACTION
Let go of the doubts, no need to ask why
Our fine, divine selves are ready to FLY

It’s knowing we are of the stars while having our feet on the Earth
It’s having balance in all things while creation gives birth
We see the big picture and the little picture too
We embrace that we are human and also Spirit through and through

It’s knowing beyond all else is the Law of Highest Good
This is when we KNOW everything happens just as it should
We relax into divine orchestration, we let it all go
We have faith, we have trust and go with the flow

It’s balancing and caring for our bodies, spirit and mind
It’s being loving and open, compassionate and kind
This is the new Human Blueprint that is coming to view
It’s not just for everyone else, this means you too!

Give up the old patterns, there is nothing to fight
Let's be who we are, Human Beings of Light
It's all up to us, the Shift is Within
When ONE embraces their divinity, we ALL win

The days of separation are ending, you are not on your own
We are all in this together, in the TRI-LIGHT ZONE
United we stand for balance, joy, peace and love
As above so below, as below so above

Out with the old and in with the new
A whole new year of miracles is waiting for you
We laughed and we cried, we love you 2011
And in 2012 we will bring down heaven!

2012 IS HERE!!!!