Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Lessons from the Dolphins - Welcome to the Human Pod Experience

I (re)learned an important lesson from the dolphins on my recent trip to Bimini which I know was shown to me at this time for important work I am to do… and who I am to always be for others in my human pod.

The dolphins kept stressing to me that this trip was about the "Human Experience" and while I didn't understand fully at the time, I am getting it more and more as the ripples and waves from this trip gently affect all aspects of my life.

When a dolphin is in a physical crisis, the whole pod surrounds them, lifts them up and swims with them into shallow waters. They don’t tell the dolphin in crises that they created their own reality, their physical pain is not really real anyway, shift NOW and that the rest of the pod shall swim over to their place of high vibration and wait for the injured dolphin to get into vibrational alignment and come to them. They don’t say, "sorry, I held you up yesterday, I need to take care of myself now." No. The dolphins stick with their pod mates until the crises is over, one way or the other. They demonstrate Unselfish Service to their pod mates for the good of the whole pod.

When people are in crises, don’t expect & push them to take quantum leaps into joy & yell from the top of the crest of the wave how good it is at the vibrational top. This creates feelings of helplessness, drowning & even anger because they are not in the place to hear it, they are in survival mode.

Acknowledge where they are and that it’s okay; help them get to a place of feeling safe both physically and emotionally, hold out a hand/fin and help them with loving increments of relief to the shore… actually BECOME the shore for them… including physical support if necessary.

In my human experience, now from both sides of the ocean, compassion, physical support (action) and empathy are always better than speaking law of attractionisms from a distant and disconnected “I’m up here, you are down there” mentality, especially when one is in physical fear.

Although my intentions were always good and I am a very loyal and solid friend, I’ve done this a few times to people I care about and now I see where I was not following my compassionate human/dolphin pod instinct and inner guidance… and I instead did what I had been told is right by outside sources. Sometimes outside sources, especially non physical ones, do not have access to the real human experience. I see through that now. I can hold my vibration no matter what, in no matter what circumstance, and especially when someone needs my help. That's what pod mates do.
I can now see why others sometimes lashed out at me when they were in physical and/or emotional pain. I wasn’t reaching out in a way that could really help during their crises. I didn’t swim them to shore, I left them to paddle on their own. Of course they were flailing about, struggling not to drown, trying to find something floating by to hold on to.

It never really did feel good (duh!) and although I thought I was doing what was right and best for them at the time, I am glad I can see that isn’t who I really am and can permanently shift it now.  I will do what I can to get them to level, safe ground and THEN spew my shift your vibration shpeal from where they can hear; from a safe place on shore.

It feels so much better to help someone, to act, AND to “hold the vibrational space.” It’s not one or the other. It’s both. I can stay in my high vibration and still provide physical and emotional support without buying into the fear. I can BE THERE for my human pod, whatever needs to be done, no matter what. Unconditional Love and Service to Others. Like the dolphins in their pods. It works for humans and dolphins alike!!!

I AM one of the pod, after all, the beautiful Human Pod I share this amazing planet with. And I want to be a stellar pod mate to others. This I promise. And so it is.

Amen and thank you, O’ great Universe and dolphins for the reminder, the wake up call, the shifts, the divine and subtle bliss I feel from who I have now become!!