Monday, March 21, 2011

Time for a Spring Cleaning of Limiting Beliefs

Me thinks it’s time to do some Spring Cleaning of limiting beliefs. Yes! Spring Cleaning! We clean our houses out... why not clean up our minds a bit too?  It’s time to give up limits as usual, life as usual. It’s time for self observation to identify the beliefs that always have the last word. Once limiting beliefs are identified, they are shiftable. In every area that I have shifted this week, I have seen immediate evidence of my new, unlimited beliefs. Just like that. And that rocks!
You must be present to your true feelings and observe yourself reacting when the subjects of relationships, money, wellness, etc come up. Don’t just go into robot reaction mode. It is in those moments of self observation that we can identify those beliefs that are holding us back and begin to shift to more unlimiting beliefs that will get us where we want to go. When you think about the subject for which you want different results, do you get a knot in your stomach? Do you say no I can’t, I could never, It will never happen, I don’t deserve it? When you observe others who have what you want do you get jealous or angry or do you feel happy for them? Notice. Observe. What are you thinking and feeling that is holding you back and what are the new thoughts and feelings you can shift to that will break you free?

When you shift your perspective and beliefs and allowing limits, inspired ideas come to you, people and messages and signs show up that are a match to your new beliefs. You see instant evidence of your shift. The proof that you have shifted is in the evidence that shows up in your life and in the world around you.

First I identified some areas in my life where I wanted to see change and shift. I think it's best to do one or two at a time, not try to tackle a whole lifetime(s) of beliefs at once. I really let myself observe and feel what my core beliefs on those subjects were. Name it, Claim it, Shift it. As I embraced my new beliefs the funniest things started happening... I shifted some beliefs around money, income and relationships... as soon as I did, I got some really great inspired ideas for new ventures and putting life into old ventures... three people in one day contacted me about life coaching even though I have taken my site down... and I started getting private messages from a spiritual singles site I haven't visited for months!!  Like I said, the evidence comes fast once we shift!