Friday, March 18, 2011

Filtering Love - The Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

As I snorkeled among the fish this afternoon, I thought about the interesting dance I have danced this past week… knowing that in the broadest, highest, Source/God perspective, all is truly well… and seeing and feeling the pain and suffering of so many people. Though I live among some of the finest nature this beautiful planet has to offer, I have cried many tears watching images of some of the fiercest nature imaginable unleashed half way across the world.

It has been an interesting dance as waves of terror, fear, anger, uncertainty and anxiety wash over me unexpectedly and I have to quickly remind myself that it is not coming directly from me, but from my brothers and sisters who share this spinning globe with me, to whom I am connected. I breathe deep, ground, connect and center. Into Love.

I remember that my guidance has been showing me the importance of staying grounded and embracing the authentic human experience lately. I am understanding more and more the need for groundedness now and shifting into Love. Fast.

I remind myself that the Collective Consciousness has shifted a lot this week (as well as the Earth’s axis!) and with the influx of passionate, deep, strong feelings, emotions and vibrations in the stream that my CC Radar is working overtime, tuning in and bringing me signals, letting me know where vibration and energy need to be shifted. Into Love.

As I feel the fear and anxiety of others, I defuse those feelings with LOVE. Sometimes I can feel an individual person, sometimes it feels like thousands or millions, but just the same, when I feel these feelings coming from the Collective Consciousness, I shift them from within myself… therefore shifting them outside myself. Shifting them into Love.

Fear and anxiety and uncertainty are replaced with LOVE and sent back out into the Collective Consciousness Stream. We don’t have to change anybody. We just have to shift the feelings, emotions and vibrations within ourselves as they come through and send them back out. With Love. Garbage IN, Love OUT.

And we don’t have to worry about where it goes either. Divine Orchestration takes care of that. We just make the shift. Into Love. And send it out.

I swim along with one of my favorite Parrot Fish friends and watch as he filters water in and out of his gills, getting out the oxygen that he needs. I start thinking about how nature, our Earth, is one big filtration system. The trees and plants filter the air, the rocks filter the water… Nature reuses and recycles in perfect balance and is constantly adjusting and evolving her filtration system to keep that balance as resources change and evolve.

We are the Collective Consciousness’ natural filtration system. We keep balance by filtering anything that isn’t Love into Love. Just like the trees, rocks, animals, all of nature is a natural filtration system to keep balance and reproduction and life and evolution, we reuse and recycle and shift and filter thoughts and emotions back into love.

I embrace my work as a Love Filter. It is one of the reasons I am here.

I tune in and begin to breathe in rhythm with the fish… more and more fish, all my favorite kinds, come near. Together we filter in all that is not in balance or needed and filter out only Love and Divine Grace.