Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lost At Sea Was Not Meant to Be - Propelled by Divine Timing and Orchestration

The day started out like any other day... toucans singing in the trees, birds and butterflies in the garden, Ma'nolo the hawk watching over it all. My captain, my worker David, and my boat went to pick up the guests we were taking on a dolphin and whale tour today and I waited on the beach, deciding to take a nice swim in the ocean. 

As I swam, I connected with the whales and what came to me was the eye of the humpback whale, a big eye looking at me. We would see whales today for sure. I just knew it. We were connected.

The boat returned with the guests, David got off and I got on and off we went into the wild blue yonder. We traveled along the coast where we saw humpback whales the other day and came across a large school of orange fish and we stopped to watch them. After they passed by, Gato, my captain put the boat in gear and it wouldn't go anywhere. He put it in reverse and it wouldn't go anywhere.

We walked to the back of the boat, raised the engine and THERE WAS NO PROPELLER!!! It had somehow come off and dropped into the ocean. Propellers have pins and safeties on them, they are not supposed to just fall off! But it did.

I took a deep breath, checked our position, we were not far from the San Pedrillo Ranger Station of Corcovado National Park so we started calling on the radio. No answer. We called and called, no answer. We called the nearest hotel, no answer. We called the Coast Guard, no answer.

I was not afraid we would be lost at sea as sooner or later a boat would come by and I knew that by 1 or 2 pm the boats would be returning to Corcovado and we would flag them down, and luckily the tide was going out so the danger of being thrown into the rocks at the shore was not present... at least for now.

Gratefully our guests were very calm and good natured and we laughed a bit about it and drank some water, but not much, the unspoken thought was "we better ration just in case."

I prayed. I prayed for a boat, I prayed for someone to answer on the radio, I prayed for a whale to come by and keep us company.

Within 15 minutes we saw a boat heading straight towards us. Yay!!! They got close, we waved them over... they had come over because they thought we had whales. It was a family of four who had come all the way from Poland to see the whales and I felt so bad, but knew they had to help us and take time out of their tour. I could tell the kids were a bit disappointed, this was not the whale watching tour they had planned and it would take at least an hour out of their tour to help us.

We threw the other boat a rope and they proceeded to haul us back towards where we could get help. We asked the captain to take us to San Josecito beach where at least we could tie our boat up and call for someone else to come and help us and let this family get on with their tour.

As we slowly went along the coast, I got in touch with the whales and prayed for a miracle for this family who had helped us.

Almost arriving to San Josesito, we saw the blows and splashes. There was a mom and baby humpback!! The baby proceeded to tail slap, roll over, breach and mostly was laying on it's back, belly up, flapping it's pectoral fins into the water.The other boat turned it's motor off and there we sat for over an hour, our boat tied to the other boat, watching the most amazing spectacular display of JOY!! It was truly a miracle.

During all this I had brought out my phone even though I knew there was never a signal where we were and amazingly I had all five bars and full signal!!! Another miracle!! I called a boat in town and they were now on their way to come and tow us back to my beach. I also called my mechanic and had him send another propeller to me so that we can do the full tour tomorrow. Everything was falling perfectly into place.

As the other boat was arriving to tow us back to my beach, the baby whale came up right next to the other boat, and I mean if they had leaned over, they could have touched him and I saw the complete and totally JOY of the family, they were almost in tears, and again thanked us profusely for asking them to "save" us. The mom told me that this was their only chance to see whales, that they had come all the way from Poland to see them and how grateful they were to us for "finding them" for them.

Isn't that an interesting turn of events? Doesn't it go to show how helping others helps us too? They could have been very upset about having to tow us and I truly believe that the whales were showing them (and us) appreciation for helping us, all propelled by everyone's good attitude about what was going on, everyone trusting that everything was unfolding just as it should.

When I look at the grand picture, I see so many levels and avenues to why this happened. For sure the family from Poland attracted to them an awesome whale tour, as did my guests. No one would have seen this amazing display if everyone had kept going in the direction they were going. And while I lost a propeller, this gave me an answer to a question I asked the Universe yesterday:

"Should I go to the police and get my big boat back?" Here's the very story on that. When I left Costa Rica for a year and a half, I had left my 28 foot boat with my mechanic on his property. At some point he decided I wasn't coming back and sold my boat without my permission. When I came back, everyone told me what had happened and when I confronted him, he finally admitted it (denying it at first). I had a choice, to go to the police and turn him in or work out a deal with him. Because he has a family and because he is the only good mechanic in the area, I decided to make a deal with him which is basically free mechanic services forever more. He knows I could have sent him to jail and he is appreciative to me that I didn't, so whenever my boat needs work, it's free and quick and easy.

However, in the past week, people have told me that the person who bought my boat from the mechanic has been working on it and fixing it up (it was painted green to disguise it) and that it was my last chance to get it back because once he registers it with another name, it will be much harder to prove that it was my boat.

I have been going back and forth about this for days now. I LOVE that boat. It was the boat I used for tours, much bigger and more comfortable than the one I am using now. I really want it back. But that would mean turning in my mechanic who has already done lots of work on my current motor and when I called him to send a propeller, he got right on it for me. It's nice to have him on my side and by going after my boat and going to the police, I would have an enemy for sure. But it's my boat and I want it back. What do I do, Universe?

This event today pretty much sealed up for me to just let it go. Take my free mechanic services and let the Universe deliver me a new, better boat in divine timing. Just like this day had been, one divinely timed and orchestrated event after the other.

Another thing that happened is that while we were sitting and waiting to be rescued, the two girls on my boat decided to come on my Summer Solstice 2012 Human/Dolphin Celebration Bimini Trip and if we hadn't had that time, the conversation would not have come up.

I know there are many reasons on many levels why this day turned out like it did. In reality, it turned out perfectly, everyone got to see whales VERY close, we are safe, we were in the perfect place to get help and not much further out or closer to the rocks. I feel so protected and loved and trusting in the divine orchestration and timing of it all.

I am truly Propelled by Divine Timing and Orchestration and when I stay calm and trust that, things easily and quickly fall into place.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Oh Divine Universe!!!