Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: A Message from the Dolphins and Whales


For weeks now, I have watched the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico get worse and worse. I kept trying to stay in joy, in my “all is well” belief, seeing things through the eyes of Source. But as I saw my beloved ocean, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, the coast get covered in an ever increasing oil slick, I felt my thoughts turn into a black, oily, suffocating mess. Finally, yesterday, I let it all out. I allowed myself to get REALLY angry. I cried on and off all morning. I felt powerless, I felt the pain and anguish and frustration. I let it flow. I posted to a few friends of mine on Facebook, and through them and a few of my sistas, I began to find better feeling thoughts.

Even through my darkest anger, I was able to see and feel the higher part of me, the part that knows all is well, but I couldn’t quite close the gap between us. By the end of the day, I felt much better and was quickly closing the gap.

This morning I felt a message coming through from the dolphins and whales, so I sat down to listen. I started off by asking them: “I believe I am the creator of my reality… so tell me, how did I create this?”

Sierra, you asked for this when you asked for alternative energy and to clean up the political arena. Did you think that would happen without an event like this? The asking was so big, so strong, from so many, that only a big event like this could answer the asking.

We love you so much, and we will be fine, our species will continue. You cry for our bodies, but you know you can connect with us telepathically anytime. They are just that, bodies, our vessels in the physical. And while we know you and others like to see us in the physical, our non physical connection is even stronger. And our species will survive. We will come back in even greater numbers in the new world.

It will come back, new and better than before, like a forest after a forest fire. When the smoke clears, new life will appear. Yes, things will never be the same. They will be different. It will be a constant reminder of what you never want to go back to.

The power for change lies with the American consumer, the buyers…. Do not forget that the powers that be are dependent on YOU and your buying dollar. You, and your friends, really are the ones with the power. It is an illusion that it is any other way. They just want you to believe that. You must demand alternatives and you can do that with the power and energy of money. This is really a case of putting your money where your mouth is. The people will come together like never before.

Yes, many of us will die, there will be much more than now, this IS going to get worse, but you know that there is no death. We are eternal. We know this is for a higher good. We understand. And many of us are already on the move to other places; the word is out through the Cetacean Communication Network (CCN) our very own CNN. (I hear laughter). We lived here long before the humans and they cannot destroy us. We have safe havens to go to where you will never find us.

We applaud you, Sierra for allowing yourself to get angry. As our friend Joe Noonan said, anger is good to clean out the pipes. Do you see what a clear channel you are now that you have acknowledged your feelings of anger, let them run through, and move past them? This event will cause a lot of anger. And it is very good as it is through the anger that change will come. It is through the anger that new desires are born.

Do not doubt the power of creation. Do not doubt the power of many focusing together for a common goal. Do you see how through your tears and getting really mad you sent out all those rockets of desires for something new? Do you see how through the passion of so many; the anger, the frustration, that a powerful desire for a new world is being asked for in a very powerful way? This is the power of creation at work. Through the catastrophe comes the powerful new desires; the creation of something new. It was time, it is time. This is what you have been waiting for. A new world. The time is now.

You must not focus on dead and dying bodies. This is focusing on the problem and focusing on that will bring more of it. We know this is very hard for we know that you and your friends love us. And we love you. But you MUST focus on what this catastrophe caused you all to desire. You MUST focus on the solutions. You must focus on alternative energy, on transparent politics, a new world order of the best kind. You all have been asking for this for so long, can’t you see? This is what you have been waiting for!

A new world awaits. What do you want to see in your new world? Therein lies the focus.

We love you, we love you all. All is well.