Sunday, April 4, 2010

Unlimited Possibilities...

What I've noticed this week is that I am down to my core beliefs and patterns.  I've gotten through most all of the smaller ones, the limiting "lite" ones.  Now it's down to the very foundation of where I stand, what I believe in and how I behave. All outer walls and excuses and upper limiting has been peeled away and now I am at the core.  I am at the beliefs and patterns that have been so a part of who I am for so long that I couldn't even see them until now.  It feels strange, to be looking at myself so naked and almost completely stripped away of fluff.  And it feels really good too.  It feels like you feel after a visit to the stationary store and you have all this new, neat, pretty paper to write on. A clean, flowery, perfumey slate.

Now is the time I can rewrite those core beliefs how I want them to be, written from knowing who I truly am, written from knowing that all is well.  I shall acknowledge and appreciate the beliefs that kept me safe as a child, that have gotten me to here... and I shall release them into the river of consciousness past.  I create new beliefs and run new patterns that allow me to operate from a space of unlimitedness and pure freedom.

I love the unlimited possibilities and the unlimited me that I see before me.