Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the Law of Attraction Yesterday's News?

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people saying that they are giving up on the Law of Attraction (LOA). They are tired of hearing about it, tired of the thousands of websites, seminars and self improvement programs promising the moon and the stars with the LOA because it just does not seem to work for them.

The truth is, the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, it is Universal Law, but if you are not vibrating in the energetic vicinity of what you desire, you are not going to get it. When people are not getting what they want, they think the Law of Attraction does not work. But sorry, folks, there is no getting out of Universal Law. It is working; you are just not allowing it to work in your favor.

Another reason people don’t want to hear about the Law of Attraction is because they don’t want to be responsible for their own lives. They find it easier to blame others for everything that happens to them or blame some cruel God who punishes us for our sins.

I also think the recent turn from focus on the Law of Attraction by many whom have been teaching it for a long time now is that the LOA just IS. It’s like gravity, and we don’t talk about gravity all day long trying to figure out how to use it to our advantage in our lives. We don’t go around trying to “invoke” gravity. We just KNOW it IS and act accordingly. Why keep talking about it and trying to get it to work for us? It already is working for us. People don’t have to know anything about gravity to stay planted on the ground, nor do they need to know of or believe in the Law of Attraction to attract like energy. It’s a given.
Before the term “Law of Attraction” became so popular, I learned it as the “Law of Love” or the “Law of Divine Orchestration”. It is only in recent years that Law of Attraction has become the buzz phrase for this Universal Law.

There is no doubt that like energy and vibration attracts like energy and vibration; that is the proven scientific explanation. But spiritually, the explanation is that Divine Super Intelligence loves us unconditionally and wants to give us what we want. So to make it easy, and not overwhelming like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty, Source let us be our own self sufficient creators, each of us holding the power that creates worlds within us. Why would we ever think/feel/vibrate anything that we don’t want knowing that we are powerful creators who create our reality with our thoughts/feelings/vibration? Like duh!!! But there is a reason why we hold ourselves back.

For me the focus has more shifted from concentrating on the Law of Attraction to focusing on the beliefs we have acquired during our lifetime, some of them outdated and limiting, and re-wiring those to match what we truly want. Our beliefs filter our perception of life, how we see ourselves and others. Our beliefs are there to protect us and keep us safe; we created them early on when we observed something and made a decision about it. Or maybe we heard someone say something like “You will never amount to anything”, or “Don’t eat that, you will get fat,” or “You have to work hard to make money,” and boom, a belief is born. Our forming brains soaked it up like a sponge and made it true for us. But what we thought we needed to keep us safe as children is no longer valid as adults, especially as we evolve and expand. We need to learn to adjust and amend and re-wire until our beliefs match our desires so that we get what we desire by Divine Universal Law.

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out where you are vibrating on any given subject. Just look at your bank account, your relationships, your career. What you are getting is what you are vibrating. Every time. And if you are not getting what you want, you have beliefs that are keeping you where you are. Bust the limiting beliefs and you are free!

If you are saying positive affirmations, created a vision board, visualize and keep a lucky charm in your pocket but you are still not manifesting your desires, you have subconscious limiting beliefs that say “no you can’t, no you aren’t, it’s not going to happen,” that sabotage your positive actions. All the affirmations in the world are not going to work if your underlying core belief is that you are not worthy of your dreams.

Why do we ever not follow our dreams? Why do we limit ourselves and justify and settle? Sometimes beliefs are so ingrained and so a part of who we are, we don’t even realize they are there and that they are limiting us. But if you not living the life of your dreams, you definitely have limiting beliefs holding you back from being the unlimited being that you truly are. Let’s bust em up now!

There are many ways to bust your limiting beliefs:

It is helpful to first identify your limiting beliefs. One way to identify them is to become a conscious thinker. Become observant to your thoughts. Become present and in the moment to what you are thinking about. Notice and observe your thoughts instead of just letting them run on and on. Stop yourself and think about what you are thinking! The background running thoughts that we think without thinking are the subconscious mind running our core patterns and beliefs.

Our conscious mind says, “I am happy, wealthy and healthy, see I even wrote it one hundred times and cut out pictures about it!” And our subconscious mind says, “Oh, no, you’re not, remember that time they told you that you are stupid and would never amount to anything?” And the subconscious dominate belief wins.

Become a conscious thinker and notice when your mind chatter is saying “I’m not good enough, I can never do that, I’ll never have a lot of money.” When you notice those thoughts, don’t get upset with yourself. Just gently bring your thoughts to positive statements such as, “I am worthy, The Universe is loving and supports me, I am abundant in all ways.” With time and repetition, you will start to believe them.

The key here is focus and repetition. Repetition rewires. You can literally rewire the neurons in your brain to create a new path that connects to new core beliefs. Dr. Joe Dispenza of What the Bleep? fame says it takes seventeen days to rewire the neurons in your brain to create to new core beliefs and habits.

I love to use RAPs (Repetitive Audio Programs) for fast and efficient rewiring. RAPs are selected affirmations repeated over and over while you meditate or sleep. When you are in a theta brain wave state, your subconscious is open to receive new information without resistance, making for fast and easy reprogramming. I put on the mp3 before I go to sleep, and then all night the recorded statements are seeping into my subconscious, rewiring my beliefs while I dream. This is my kind of rewiring!

The only problem with repetitive programs is that some people don’t stick with them. They do it for a few days or a week, declare it doesn’t work and then go looking for the next speaker or seminar or book to give them the answer. The problem is, wherever you go, there your beliefs are.

People will also find that resistance can come up after a short while of using a repetitive program. As we are reprogramming our core beliefs, events or emotions come up that need to be released and it can become a bit uncomfortable, so we stop using them.

Be patient, give yourself a break, you have been running these patterns and beliefs for most of your life and the prize you get for releasing them and replacing them is well worth the effort. After all, it’s your life!

Another very effective method for releasing limiting beliefs and old emotional baggage is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT uses the energy meridian points on your body, the same ones used for acupuncture. You simply tap on these points in order while going through a sequence of statements that relate to your issue. I have seen miraculous results using EFT and have added it to my coaching practice because it is so quick and easy. EFT is becoming more and more popular as people discover its powerful and rapid belief release abilities.

While I have not yet explored it myself, I have heard great things from people I highly respect about using the Sedona Method for releasing limiting beliefs, so I mention it here.

Hypnotherapy is also great for easily getting to your core beliefs and replacing them with new ones. You can visit a qualified hypnotherapist or even find a self hypnosis program that will guide you into a relaxed theta state and then feed you some new beliefs to hang onto.

Do some research and follow your inner guidance and intuition to find which method will work best for you. It might be one or a combination of them. YOU will know what is best for you. Trust your guidance and what calls to you.

All these methods are great for helping you to release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, however they are in addition to, and do not take the place of, becoming, right NOW, the person you want to be. Step right into who you really are, your true authentic self. Limitless. Free. Joyful. Abundant. Loving. Be happy now, appreciate what you have now, start to live out your dreams now!

How would you feel if you were living your dreams right now? What would you do? How would you walk, talk, be? Stop seeking and start BEING. Be it NOW, and be it consistently, and watch your limiting beliefs fall away fast! Talk about instant vibrational alignment!

Surround yourself with people who support you in your new beliefs. Get a life coach who will guide you into your dreams and be your cheerleader. Join or form a master mind group where you all support and hold each other in the vision of who you really are. Join positive groups that are aligned with your vision. There is big power in numbers. Take constant inspired action steps towards your dreams. Let go of blame, anger, old emotions and baggage that no longer serve you. Follow your heart and intuition. Take time each and every day for your enlightenment and expansion and health. Overcome the limiting beliefs that bind you and set yourself free!

When you align your core beliefs with your desires, there will be no stopping you. Like gravity, you will not have to think about the Law of Attraction working ever again. You will be too busy living your dreams!